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Breakfast Brunch and Lunch

Served Daily

Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch

Breakfast - until 5:00pm

Warm Croissant with butter & Jam      £2.50    
Warm Danish, chocolate twist or almond Croissant      £2.40    
Toasted Bread Basket with butter and Jam     £1.95       
Warm scone - blueberry/plain/fruit - butter and jam     £1.95     
Warm scone with jam and clotted cream      £2.70
Matilda’s Granola with natural yoghurt and honey     £2.95
French waffles & our Nutella and whipped cream     £4.90
French waffles & berry compote and whipped cream     £4.90
Four buttermilk pancakes served with maple syrup      £4.90

All Day Brunch   - until 5:00 pm

Filled Morning roll with Bacon or sausages       £1.95       
Add a fried egg, tattie scone      £0.75
French Toast & crisp bacon with maple syrup     £5.95
Full Scottish Breakfast       £7.50
Ayrshire bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, Stornoway black pudding, tattie scone toast; free range eggs any style and toast
Vegetarian Scottish breakfast      £6.95
Pan fried mushrooms, grilled tomato, vegetarian haggis, tattie scone, free range eggs any style; spinach, baked beans and toast
Two Eggs any style on toast      £4.50
Fried, poached or scrambled on toast
Ham and Eggs on toast       £5.50
Lightly grilled honey roast ham with two eggs on toast                                                                                                                                                          
Baked Eggs and Ham     £6.50
Eggs are baked with ham, cheese and cream with toast strips
Eggs Benedict      £5.95
Toasted muffin with two free range poached eggs, Ayrshire ham and hollandaise
Eggs Florentine       £5.95
Toasted muffin with two free range poached eggs, wilted spinach and hollandaise
Eggs Stornoway     £6.50
Toasted muffin with two free range poached eggs, bacons, Stornoway  black pudding and hollandaise
Add 2 rashers bacon, 2 sausages or Stornoway Black Pudding       £1.95
Add beans, mushrooms or grilled tomato           £0.75


Three eggs omelette served with toast
Ayrshire Ham      £4.95
Smoked salmon     £5.95
Mushroom      £4.95
Ham & cheese     £5.50


All served with crisps and homemade coleslaw


Chicken and bacon Caesar     £4.95
Chicken Tikka, mango and curry mayo     £5.50
New Yorker (pastrami, Swiss cheese, turkey, pickle and mayo)     £4.95

On Bread, served toasted                                                                    

Ham, cheese, onion and mayo      £4.95    
Egg and Mayo      £4.50     
Tuna Melt – tuna mayo, onion, tomato and cheese      £5.50
Chicken, bacon, cheese and banana      £5.50

On Ciabatta, served toasted

Brie, tomato, rocket & pesto      £4.50    
Ham & mushroom with Swiss cheese      £4.95    
Ayrshire ham and Mull cheddar     £4.50             
Tuna Melt – tuna Mayo and Mozzarella      £5.50  
Tikka Melt – chicken tikka, curry mayo, mozzarella      £5.50    
Add a cup of Soup for only £1.95, choice of two daily 

Triple Decker Grilled Sandwiches (all served with French fries)

Classic Club sandwich     £7.50
– Warm chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo on toasted bloomer
Tuna Club     £7.50
Triple deck with Tuna mayo, tomato and melted cheddar on granary
BLT     £7.50
Triple decker with crisp Bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo

Hot Grilled Croissants   All served with rocket, crisps and coleslaw

Mull cheddar and Ayrshire Ham     £4.95
Mull cheddar and tomato     £4.95
Brie and bacon with cranberry     £5.50

Salad Bowls

Grilled melting goats cheese bruschetta with salad & pesto     £6.50
Matilda’s Chefs salad       £6.95
– Chicken breast strips, crispy bacon, croutons and a poached egg
Chicken pasta salad     £6.50
– Shredded chicken, pasta, celery, onion and mayo

Side of French Fries   £2.50
Choice of two soups daily – please ask Regular/large     £3.25 / £3.95

Cakes & Tartlet

Hand Made Carrot Cake      £3.00
Victoria Sponge Cake      £3.00
 Toffee & Vanilla Cake     £3.00
 Coffee &Walnut Cake      £3.00
 Toffee & Vanilla Cheesecake     £3.00
 Raspberry tartlet     £4.50
 Chocolate tartlet      £2.50
 Macaroons (Vanilla; Raspberry; Pistachio; Chocolate; Coffee and Lemon)       £1.00
 Lemon Meringue     £4.00
 Choux aux fruits (Blackcurrant;Raspberry;Strawberry;Peach;Passionfruit;Lemon).     £1.00
 Chocolate brownie      £3.00
Salted caramel tart     £3.00
 Banoffee tart     £3.00
 Chocolate or caramel éclair     £2.50